Casinos Made Real Quarters Look Phony

12/26/2001 (Toronto Sun via RGTOnline) CANADA – “…After a 13-month investigation, RCMP experts concluded this month that a flood of seemingly fake quarters that surfaced in northern Ontario late last year are genuine.

”Investigators now believe the imperfect coins were badly worn in Manitoba casinos near the northern Ontario border, where they first turned up in vending machines.

”… Sgt. Moshe Gordon, head of the RCMP’s anti-counterfeit public education and information section for Ontario, said the Queen’s image on the front and the caribou on the backs appear softer than on real coins. But the most noticeable defect is the lack of a well-defined serrated edges.

”…But after examining more than 1,000 with different dates, most turned in one at a time by people responding to wide-spread publicity based on an RCMP alert last spring, `to date we have yet to have one that’s called a counterfeit,’ Sgt. Keith Kailik said from Thunder Bay, where people first became suspicious of the badly worn quarters in November, 2000.

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