Casino The Tourists and Their Experiences

If one speaks of casinos nowadays, one would picture out a place where some kinds of gambling takes place and live entertainment such as stand-ups and comedy plays take place to entertain customers who are oftentimes tourist in that place where the casino is situated. Usually casinos are built in a hotel or near the hotel and restaurants designed for the tourists and also in some cruise ships.

However, there are casinos in the past that are used not for gambling but for some social functions such as banquet hall, mass public meetings and even theatre. This was because casino also means a summerhouse or pavilion or small villa that is built on a larger villa. So this means a villa within a villa, which is closed. This was used for activities such as gambling and sports, which were all spent during leisure time. Casinos in the olden years were also used as saloons where people could meet to discuss their business and where strangers could find somebody to talk to, to drink a glass or two and sometimes to gamble.

Today, gambling in Las Vegas became a legal thing and in fact it had turned out to have the largest casino seconded by New Jersey. But for one to enter the casino and to play the game of chance one has to be at least 18 years old and above although in some countries they allow 16 years old to enter and join the games. There are many games available for the players. To name there is a slot machine, baccarat, roulette, craps, blackjack and poker. The rules in playing these games are usually computed to the advantage of the house which is termed as house edge. In case there are games where players play with each other like the poker the house get its commission, which is called as the rake. Some casinos give gifts to the players which is called as comps and to encourage the players to play more the comps is given according to the money the players bet. This simply means that the more money the player use the more comps he gets.

Since playing in the casino involves billion of money the house ensures a tight security. Surveillance cameras are installed to detect and see all the acts of the persons entering the place. This is also to make sure that neither stealing nor cheating will take place both by the players and the employees. Aside from surveillance cameras there is also a closed circuit television, which is known as the eye of the sky to augment the security in the place and to make sure that there is no misconduct in the house. There is also physical security force that roams around the place to watch not the games but the suspicious activities in the floor. So this makes casino a safe place for the tourist who wishes to pass their time away gambling with other people.

Indeed, people even from the past wish to gamble with the hope to win forgetting the fact that at the end of the game the biggest winner is not the player but the house itself.

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